Women come to Shaare Zedek`s woman and infant facility for their annual check-up, including: routine gynecological examinations, pap smears, consultations, etc. They receive all test results in one location. The comprehensive and up-to-date women`s health care provided at the Center creates better health awareness and promotes and facilitates prevention and early detection of disorders.

Treatment of all female-related conditions, and conditions that manifest themselves differently in women, is available in our spacious Out-Patient Clinics, as is routine follow-up of all patients prior to and following surgery.

Specialty clinics are offered for a wide range of health issues affecting women of every age.

Our Adolescent Clinic provides teenagers with treatments for a number of disorders, ranging from vaginal infections to endocrine disorders.

In our Menopause Clinic, special attention is given to the problems of women in this period of life, such as hormonal disorders.

A new Clinic for Genetic Consultation deals with early detection and prevention of ovarian and breast cancer, while investigating the genetic tendency to this disease. High-risk patients will be entered into a special observation program. The clinic also counsels prospective parents concerning the implications of genetic problems detected in the fetus.