Director: Prof. Amos Peyser

Tel:  02-6555570

Location: 8th floor

Areas of Activity

The Department offers both general orthopedic services and specific care for adults and children
through the Inpatient department
through the hospital's Outpatient Clinics
through the various Kupot Cholim (HMOs) in which our physicians practice  

Within the department, three sub-specialties operate in their respective areas of expertise:

Spine Unit – treats spine related problems, pain resulting from neck and back disk slips etc. In the Unit, conservative treatment is carried out in collaboration with the physiotherapy department, pain physicians and the complimentary medicine unit. Surgery is carried out by experts employing advanced technique using state of the art equipment.

Arthroscopy Unit – this experienced unit was the first in Israel to carry out operations for partial replacement of the knee joint arthroscopically. The Unit is one of the advanced of its type, offering professional training in its area of expertise to doctors from across the country.

Hand Surgery Unit – treats a wide range of problems and difficulties of the upper limbs: injuries and amputations, joint diseases, congenital deformities and complex paralysis such as Cerebral Palsy and many others. Adjacent to the Unit is a unique Institute of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy with vast experience in treating patients with injured hands.

Our Physicians
Prof. Amos Peyser– Director of the Department of Orthopedics
Dr. David Hendel – Director, Spine Unit
Dr. Yoram Litwin – Director, Arthroscopy Unit
Dr. Esther Lipsker –  Director, Hand Surgery Unit
Dr. Moshe Lifshitz – Director, Unit for Joint Reconstruction
Dr. Alexey Popov
Dr. Shmuel Weiss - Director, Foot and Ankle Unit
Dr. Victor Weissbord
Dr. Genadi Yudkevitch
Dr. Ehud Lebel
Dr. Michal Amit-Cohen
Dr. Shabtai Sabato
Dr. Michael Karassik
Dr. Alexander Rosenthal
Dr. Kh. A. Sharipov

Spine Unit (Orthopedics)
Cast care