Breast cancer can be cured, but early detection followed by prompt treatment is vital to improve chances of survival. Israeli women are at a higher risk than others: one woman out of every eight born in Israel will develop breast cancer at some stage in her life, while the general world incidence places the risk at one in ten women. Shaare Zedek is embarking upon a dynamic campaign geared at promoting women's awareness to the importance of the early detection and possible prevention of breast cancer.

At the end of February Shaare Zedek hosted a special educational workshop for women who work at the Jerusalem Municipality. Hundreds of women of varying ages filled the Hedi Steinberg Auditorium to listen to lectures provided by oncologists, surgeons and geneticists. These professionals gave a general overview of different aspects related to breast cancer: diagnosis, treatment and follo-up, as well as research studies that have revealed genetic tendencies regarding breast cancer. A wide selection of free educational literature, prepared by the Israel Cancer Association, was also available.

Women were invited to undergo free examinations in our Clinic for Earl Detection and Prevention of Breast Cancer after the lectures. Additional specialists augmented the regular Clinic team, and a group of ten physicians carried out the examinations. As a result of the initial palpatory test, a number of women will be returning to Shaare Zedek for further consultations with our breast cancer team.

Breast cancer can be a most serious threat, but early detection and proper treatment can considerably reduce the risk. We at Shaare Zedek are morally obliged to provide women with the necessary knowledge and tools to deal with breast cancer. As part of this commitment, we hope to be able to establish a series of lectures for women to promote awareness regarding breast cancer. Shaare Zedek believes that all women have the right to life, and we doe everything in our power to protect this right.