Prof. Ofer Merin, Director General

Board of Directors
Shaare Zedek Medical Center is a registered non-profit association and managed by an international board of directors. The board decides on issues of hospital policy, approves the budget and development plans, appoints the Director General and guides the administrative forum. The Board of Directors is chaired by Mr. Michael Jesselson and Mr. Jack Bendheim
The Board of Directors appoints the Executive Committee that meets four times a year and accompanies the execution of all decisions. The Executive Committee appoints the Standing Committee that routinely accompanies the CEO and the administrative forum. The chair of the Standing Committee is Mr. Benzion Hochstein and its members are Mr. Moshe Hava, Mr. Haim Doron and Mr. Hillel Lebovits

Ofer Merin, SZ Director General, is responsible for the day-to-day management of the hospital and the execution of all decisions made by the Board of Directors. The administrative forum includes five deputy CEOs (finance, administration and human resources, nursing and two medicine deputies) and the directors of the administrative divisions.
The hospital employs more than 800 physicians, 1500 nurses, 450 para-medical staff, 1000 administration and maintenance workers and hundreds of volunteers.

Administrative Forum 
Prof. Ofer MerinDirector General 
Prof. Jonathan Halevy, Co-Director General 

Prof. Dan Turner, Deputy Director General for Research & Development and Intellectual Property
Nehemia​ Blumberg, Deputy Director General for Medicine
Dr. Joseph Mendelovich, Deputy Director General for Medicine

Dr. Ovadia Shemesh, Deputy Director General for Medicine
Mr. Doron Noywart, Adv., Deputy Director General and Director of Human Resources 
Ms. Ruth Ralbag, Deputy Director General for Finance
Mr. Shimi Ben Baruch Deputy Director General for Technologies

Ms. Gali Weiss, R.N. M.A., Deputy Director General for Nursing 
Mr. Israel Epstein, Internal Auditor 
Mr. Gadi Ilan, Director of Logistics Department
Ms. Sara Noam, Director of Patient Services Department
Mrs. Shifra Shif, Director of Information Technology Department
Mr. Yossi Gutesman, spokesman
Ms. Nava Horn-Recanati, Director of Human Resources​

SZMC Board of Directors
Mr. Jack Bendheim (Chairman)
Mr. Benzion Hochstein (Chairman)

Moshe Bazak
Uri Zvi Ben-Noon
Hal H. Beretz
Prof. Chaim Doron
Adv. Joseph Dueck
Dr. Yonat Floersheim
Prof. Dov I. Frimer
Maurice Golker
Moshe Hava
Laura Huberfeld
Michael Jesselson
Howard S. Jonas
Marcus Katz
Dr. Zvi Katz
Charles Kushner
Murray Laulicht
Hillel Lebovits
Elchanan Loewenthal
Dr. William Zeev Levine 
Tali Newfield
Jay L. Pomrenze
Menno Ratzker
Anthony Rosenfelder
Margaret G. Rothem
Kurt Rothschild
David Rubner
Harry Sapir
Alexandra Silber Klein
Jordan Slone
Michael Sorkin
Daniel E. Straus
Samuel Wechsler