Shaare Zedek Medical Center is growing dramatically, now employing nearly 1000 physicians in 30 hospitalization departments and 70 ambulatory units and clinics. More than half a million patients are treated and approximately 85,000 patients are hospitalized yearly in 1,000 beds. Over 32,000 operations and approximately 2,600 diagnostic and therapeutic cardiological catheterizations are conducted every year. Our Emergency Medicine Department is the largest in Jerusalem and treats approximately 149,000 patients every year.

Alongside this growth, our clinicians and scientists are engaged in research across a broad range of topics and disciplines, including massive collaboration with industry. In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the number of research projects conducted in Shaare Zedek. The cooperation between Shaare Zedek Scientific and Shaare Zedek's Research and Development Authority enriches and contributes to both research and entrepreneurship in our medical center. We are encouraging our staff to become involved in innovative technologies. Shaare Zedek Scientific provides Shaare Zedek's staff with the professional support they require while interacting with the industry. Our services include among others, managing: Technology Transfer, Clinical Trial Agreements and Consulting Agreements.