The course is designed for registered nurses with a bachelor's degree.
The course is recognized as part of the Nurses’ Continuing Education Program. 

Aim of Course
To prepare qualified nurses for the role of “Authorized Clinical Counselor” in the various health services.

Course Framework
204 study hours, of which 124 are theoretical (20 study days) and 80 are clinical practice in the student’s own clinical field.

Course Content
•    Clinical teaching methods
•    Decision-making processes
•    Conflict management
•    Legal aspects of training
•    Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
•    Group processes
•    Evaluation and feedback

Abiding by the course requirements will earn the graduate a “Clinical Counselor” Diploma recognized by the Ministry of Health’s Nursing Authority.

Acceptance Conditions
•    Regular Qualified Nurse Diploma from the Israeli Ministry of Health
•    Degree in Nursing or another academic degree recognized in Israel by the Council of Higher Education or the Committee for Degree Recognition at the Ministry of Education
•    A year’s experience working as a qualified nurse
•    Evaluation of the nursing supervisor/manager

Registration fee - 100 NIS (non-returnable)
Tuition - 2560 NIS (in keeping with Ministry of Health regulations)
Payment can be done in 4 equal installments at the hospital cashier’s office on Floor 4 or by phone 02-6555254 (credit card only).

Opening of the course is conditional upon a minimum number of participants, a decision by the school management and the approval of the Nursing Authority.
Registration will close upon acceptance of the maximum number of students, as decided by the school management. 

For more details

Mrs. Dana Almog
Marketing and Registration Secretary