Registration is done through the Lev Academic Center website.

The study track involves four years of study adapted to the academic program of the Nursing Department in Machon Tal/The Lev Academic Center and to Ministry of Health requirements for approved Nursing Studies.
The program expresses the main policies, values and concepts of the nursing profession and how it has developed, focusing on the four areas of knowledge below. 
Studies take place four days a week, mostly at the Shaare Zedek Nursing School but also at Machon Tal's Nursing School.
Theoretical study includes lectures, seminars, workshops and study days.
Practical study involves experience in the hospital departments, a community clinic and other health frameworks such as practice lessons, simulations and clinical discussions.

There are four study sections in the syllabus:
•    Basic Sciences, including extensive background in Social, Behavioral and Life Science.
•    Nursing Sciences, including a structured and gradual program designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools to acquire the psychomotor, communication and cognitive skills demanded by the nursing profession. Using these skills, the nurse develops prevention and health promotion programs as well as managing nursing treatment in illness situations – with professional responsibility, measured decision-making and critical thinking that all ensure safe and efficient treatment.
•    Clinical Studies, including theoretical study and practical experience directed at more medical aspects and nursing interventions throughout the human lifecycle and across the health and illness spectrum.
•    Advanced Clinical Experience is the section that concludes the curriculum. Here students practice comprehensive and advanced nursing on the level of a newly qualified nurse.

In addition to the above there are a number of unique courses run by the Shaare Zedek Nursing School. The special program was built with the aim of matching nursing studies to ongoing developments in Israeli society in general and in religious society in particular, leading to trends of greater female empowerment and more professional and outspoken female opinion. In light of these developments, the school runs courses providing critical knowledge and tools for graduates as religious women serving a professional role as an academic nurse:
•    Practical Halacha, dealing with medical laws, with special relevance to the nurse's role on Shabbat and festivals.
•    "Jewish Philosophy from the Nurse's Perspective," which encourages students to form their own opinions regarding the various faith/religious issues religious nurses encounter in their work. One of the aims is to enhance our graduates' professional counseling and support skills for both patients and patients' families.
•    Ethical Issues, from both professional medical and halachic perspectives. Lectures and discussions focus on the patient-treatment provider relationship, ethical ramifications of this interaction and other ethical dilemmas throughout the lifecycle, from pregnancy and birth to old age and death.

Minimum Requirements for candidates applying for a Nursing Degree:
•    Official bagrut (matriculation) authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Education. For those with an overseas certificate you must have it translated by the Registration Department at the Lev Academic Center.
•    A Psychometric Exam grade of at least 540. For those with a lower grade there is a possibility of acceptance through grading applicants and calculating average bagrut grades. The number of places for people with scores less than 540 is limited.
•    Math – 4 units at a minimum grade of 75 or 5 units with a minimum grade of 65. Candidates with 3 units fulfilling all other requirements will have to sit a preliminary Math course run by the Lev Academic Center.
•    English – 4 units with a minimum grade of 65.
•    Compatibility grade of 79 or more.
•    For new immigrants – proof of a grade in the YAEL Hebrew test.
•    Personal interview.
•    Compatibility tests for the unique study program in the school covering Nursing, Ethics and Halacha (candidates who have completed 5 units of Oral Law for their Bagrut are exempt).

For further details and registration, please contact the School Secretariat.



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