Registration through the School Secretariat.

The course lasts for two and a half years and is based on the obligatory study program culminating in an exam to receive a Qualified Nurse’s license from the Health Ministry’s Nursing Authority.
The program expresses the policies and the central values and concepts of the nursing profession and its development.
The course covers approximately 2,700 hours of theoretical and practical study. 4-5 days a week, 08:00-15:30.
The theoretical hours include lectures, seminars, study days and seminars.
The practical part of the course involves experience in hospital departments, community clinics and other health frameworks as well as practice classes, simulations and clinical discussions.

There are four study sections in the syllabus:
•    Basic Sciences, including extensive background in Social, Behavioral and Life Science.
•    Nursing Sciences, including a structured and gradual program designed to provide students with the knowledge and tools to acquire the psychomotor, communication and cognitive skills demanded by the nursing profession. Using these skills, the nurse develops prevention and health promotion programs as well as managing nursing treatment in illness situations – with professional responsibility, measured decision-making and critical thinking that all ensure safe and efficient treatment.
•    Clinical Studies, including theoretical study and practical experience directed at more medical aspects and nursing interventions throughout the human lifecycle and across the health and illness spectrum.
•    Advanced Clinical Experience is the section that concludes the curriculum. Here students practice comprehensive and advanced nursing on the level of a newly qualified nurse.
Exemption based on prior studies will be granted in accordance with Nursing School regulations.

Minimum requirements for applicants:
•    Proof of Israeli citizenship
•    Presentation of academic degree certificate from a recognized higher education institution in Israel. For those with overseas degrees, you must obtain authorization from the Ministry of Education.
•    Doctors who have completed their studies in Israel or overseas, been recognized by the Health Professions Department at the Ministry of Health and received entitlement to sit the medical licensing exam.
•    Proof of command of the Hebrew language
•    Normal health approval, enabling involvement in the health field according to national health regulations.

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