The school staff are loyal to their educational, professional and ethical mission – giving the students all the knowledge, tools and support they can to help them successfully complete their studies.
Relationships between faculty and students are based on trust, openness, integrity and mutual respect. School management works to promote and encourage excellence and also develops support systems to advance students with difficulties.

The Teaching Faculty includes:
•    Qualified nurses with academic degrees and training in teaching, counseling and a range of clinical specialties.
•    Lecturers – specialist doctors from across the medical spectrum.
•    Academic lecturers with wide teaching experience.
•    Clinical counselors from the fields of hospitalization and community.

School Management Staff
Mrs. Tamar Glatt, RN, MPA

Mrs. Tzippy Shor, RN, MPA
School Administrator

Mrs. Yehudit Shilo, RN, MPH, MHA
Theoretical Studies Coordinator

Mrs. Yaella Lavie, RN. MA
Clinical Studies Coordinator

Mrs. Margalit Galuti, RN, MSc

Coordinator, Adult-Internal Medicine (Theoretical)

Mrs. Moriya Ryza, RN, MPA

Coordinator, Adult-Internal Medicine (Clinical)

Mrs. Dvora Ben Zaquen, RN, MPA

Coordinator, Adult-Surgery (Clinical)

Mrs. Havazelet Zair, RN, MPA

Coordinator, Adult-Surgery (Theoretical)

Mrs. Natalie Baruch, RN, BSN

Coordinator, Community Health

Mrs. Sarah Avraham, RN, BSN, MSW

Coordinator, Women's Health

Mrs. Ruti Asher, BA
Schedule Coordinator

Mrs. Irit Bet Halahmi
Office Manager

Mrs. Dana Almog
Marketing and Registration Secretary

Mrs. Rona Sruor
Secretary of the Examination Section