All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with the latest multi-media equipment.

Students can use a large computerized professional library in the hospital building next to the school. The library contains a huge collection of medical and nursing books and subscribes to all the leading medical journals.

Students have access to computer rooms for coursework, research and printing. These rooms are located within the hospital library.

Students can use the photocopiers in the school and the medical library.

Students are entitled to eat in the hospital at a subsidized rate. There are also 24-hour food and drinks machines.

The dormitories are only for those students taking the academic track.
Student accommodation is close to the school, with comfortable two-student rooms. Each room has a fridge and en suite bathroom. There is a communal kitchen equipped with a stove, toaster, microwave and kettle. Wi-Fi is also available.
Students have access to a washing machine, dryer and a computer room.
Priority is given to students who live outside Jerusalem.

Mother and Baby Room
For students nursing babies, the school has a discreet room equipped with a fridge and all mother and baby needs.

The school is under 24-hour surveillance, under the responsibility of the hospital’s Chief Security Officer.

School management makes every effort to allocate grants for outstanding students and to subsidize tuition fees for those with financial constraints.

Academic Counseling
The School Administration and teaching staff are available for counseling, personal guidance and academic advancement.

Halachic Counseling
The Hospital Rabbi has set hours for students to receive Halachic and personal guidance.