The aim of the Nursing School’s training program is to train qualified nurses – within the framework of their roles – to promote the welfare of the patient, to help prevent disease and to maintain and advance health standards.
During their time at the school, our graduates will acquire all the necessary tools and skills to provide nursing care, to manage treatment and to actively participate in decision-making processes within a multi-disciplinary team.
In addition, our graduates will have the basic tools for researching nursing topics, identifying priorities when faced with limited resources and for identifying medical ethical/halachic dilemmas and knowing where to look for solutions, having a basic command and knowledge of Jewish sources.
We have a professional team accompanying students throughout their time at the school, providing support and individual attention to every student. The teacher-educator serves as a catalyst for the student’s learning process. Students apply themselves to advance, deepen and expand their knowledge – while they are working too – using the tools they acquire in the school.
Staff are committed to professional ethical conventions, the Ethical Code and national health regulations. These, together with Jewish halachic and ethical principles, serve as a moral compass guiding their work and as a tool for evaluating their professional progress.
The curriculum for the Course for Academics Career Change is in line with the professional regulations issued by the Ministry of Health’s Nursing Authority. The development of these programs is based on data such as changes in the social, cultural and political balance in Israel, the status and development of other health professions, the health of Israeli citizens, global trends and developments in knowledge and technology in the health services.
The course for qualified nurses and the degree in Nursing are run in conjunction with the Lev Academic Center.
Our students are committed to abide by the requirements and achievement levels determined by the teaching staff. It is the students’ responsibility to reach those standards.
Nursing school graduates will work in the various health frameworks, in hospitals and in the community. They will contribute to the advancement of the profession while incorporating their professional knowledge and advanced skills and their conduct will be appropriate to the norms of professional behavior, Halacha and Jewish ethics.