Shaare Zedek: International Endoscopy Seminar


An international workshop to train doctors in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy was held last week at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, under the auspices of the Gastro-Surgery facility and within the framework of our activities as one of Boston Scientific’s “Centers of Excellence for Advanced Endoscopy”.


The 3-day seminar, held in the facility’s Training Center, directed by Prof. Eran Goldin, included lectures on diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy combined with live broadcasts from the examination room. Overall, 15 patients were presented at the seminar, being treated in a number of parallel rooms, in cooperation with Prof. Ya’akov Gozal, Head of the Anesthesia Department.

“Shaare Zedek’s Gastro-Surgery facility is the only center in the Middle East and in eastern Europe authorized to provide endoscopy training,” says Dr. Dov Vangrover, Director of the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Endoscopy Unit, adding, “As a Center of Excellence for Advanced Endoscopy, we committed to training doctors from all over the world, so every year we hold 2-4 seminars for both local and overseas doctors.”

During the workshop there were also Endoscopic Ultrasound examinations (EUS), by Dr. Alain Dancour, Director of the Endoscopic Ultrasound Unit, and – with the cooperation of the Urology Department – X-ray examinations of the bile duct and pancreas (ERCP), and main bile duct and main pancreatic duct tests using the new SpyGlass, a device inserted directly into the bile duct or pancreas allowing the doctor to identify damage and take biopsies, or crush stones using laser fibers.