One of the Most Advanced ICUs in the World Opens at Shaare Zedek



The ICU at Shaare Zedek has recently moved to its new home. Boasting 14 spacious single hospitalization rooms abiding by the very highest international standards, the ICU is equipped with advanced technology which can be adapted to the needs of each individual patient. For example, dynamic screens, a special lifting device and an advanced monitoring and control system.

Modern intensive care is characterized by a variety of monitoring media and the new unit enables full integration between this media and the treatment, making data accessibility far better for the medical team. “That’s why we have introduced a warning system, smartphones, direct communication between patient and doctor and sophisticated equipment enabling full integration. Likewise, new systems have been planned which will allow linkage to future technologies,” explains Dr. Philip Levin, Unit Director.

The unit was built with the special needs of the critically ill patient in mind. Particular emphasis has been placed on preventing infection and maintaining hygiene around the patient. Each room contains all the equipment necessary for ongoing treatment so there is no need for jointly used machinery liable to transmit infection.

Among efforts to enhance treatment conditions, the new unit provides a response to delirium, a common occurrence in patients who are often confused and disoriented about place and time, usually because of constant 24-hour exposure to light and the unfamiliar noises of medical equipment. To improve conditions, all rooms have been fitted with dimmers, allowing control over the light, and computerized devices for aiding orientation.

“Intensive care is one of the main centers in the modern hospital. We have managed to abide by the strict standards of the Joint Commission International (JCI), while giving much thought to the area needed for each unit, providing solutions for the gamut of issues involving staff, patients and their families,” says Dr. Levin, adding, “We are very pleased with the transition to the new location because it will allow us to provide humane, safe and high quality treatment for many more years to come.”