Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Huge Children's Event



.The largest children's event in Jerusalem attracted more than 6,000 participants (a record) to Shaare Zedek Medical Center at the end of the summer


Shaare Zedek's end-of-summer bonanza marked five years of extensive and educational activity for the benefit of the local children, in partnership with the Tikva VeMarpe NGO. More than 6,000 children participated and enjoyed a range of attractions connected to health and safety. Popular singer Stefan (comme çi, comme ça) also came for a short performance, fulfilling the dream of 9-year-old Roman, a heart and kidney transplant patient, who appeared with Stefan on stage. This year, as in previous years, many organizations were happy to provide sponsorship and offer their professional assistance, including the Jerusalem Municipality's Safety Department, ELA, Israel's recycling corporation, the National Dental Hygienists Association, the rescue services, Israel Police, the Fire Service, Magen David Adom, and many more. 

Photo: Stefan with Roman

Against the backdrop of the demonstrations and terrorism in the south, we invited 100 children from Sderot to come to Jerusalem and enjoy themselves for a day. Shaare Zedek and Ro'i and Friends" organized the transport.

Photo: Stefan with the children from Sderot

"We invite Jerusalem's healthy children as well as our own patients so that they can get to know the hospital from a positive perspective, in the event – heaven forbid – that they ever need hospitalization. We integrated a lot of educational content into this event – like accident prevention and guidance for parents and children on how to preserve good health. This year, children from Sderot – who live a difficult day-to-day life there – also had a great time here," says Prof. Jonathan Halevy, Shaare Zedek's Director-General.

Photo: Climbing ropes

The event included a large area run by the Municipality Safety Department with a Road Safety theme.

Photo: Children practice safe driving

The extreme sport complex included a long zipline, climbing walls, a rope bridge, and more. An Israel Police display included dog handlers and bomb disposal squads; an MDA and firefighters training area; a teddy bears hospital, in which children treated teddy bears with guidance from medical students and senior doctors; explanations about how the heart works, preventing infections; height and weight tests by a Shaare Zedek endocrinologist; representatives from the Dental Hygienists Association taught the children how to brush their teeth properly, and the children could also undergo eye tests in advance of their return to school. 

Photo: Zipline against the Jerusalem sky

A health station included health kebabs, zucchini pasta and a host of arts and crafts, while in the auditorium there were shows about recycling and that unforgettable show with Stefan.

Photo: Dr. David Raveh, Senior Infectious Diseases Specialist from the Infection Prevention Unit, talks in the teddy bears hospital about how bacteria grows and how to prevent infections

Photo: Zucchini pasta was very popular at the nutrition stand

Photo: The Dental Hygienists Station in the teddy bears hospital