Gold Standard for IVF Treatments


The IVF laboratory at Shaare Zedek Medical Center has just passed the Standards Institute of Israel's (SII) international quality control test, ISO9001.


In the test that took place on July 24 this year, the SII's representative made particular mention of the quality management processes in the lab. "The team's high commitment to stringent quality and control processes is very evident." In a summary of the test results, the representative said that he regards the IVF Unit at Shaare Zedek as an international role model – a Gold Standard lab.

The IVF Unit at Shaare Zedek is considered one of the leaders in the country and the rate of pregnancy as a result of treatment in the Unit is higher than the national average.
In 2018, 1931 IVF treatment cycles were conducted for 1008 patients. The treatments in the Unit represent 38% of all Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) in Israel. Similarly, more than 18% of all fertility preservation cycles in the country and over 26% of egg thawing in Israel in 2018 was carried out at Shaare Zedek.
Prof. Ido Ben Ami, Director of the IVF Unit: "The IVF Unit at Shaare Zedek is one of the leading units in the country, both in the extent of its activities and its treatment success rates. The combination of vast experience, advanced techniques and of course commitment to the highest levels of quality control, are the main factors in our success, which we see in the most beautiful way – families holding healthy babies in their hands. I thank the Standards Institute for their positive feedback and of course to my team here for their constant professionalism and dedication."
Director of the IVF Lab, Dr. Oshrat Shunberger: "The results of the test are a mark of honor for the lab team. Our work procedures lead to high quality and to joyful results. I thank the entire lab team and the Unit staff for their cooperative work, their dedication, responsibility and professionalism."