Shaare Zedek Nurses Create Life-Saving Initiative – Glowing Bracelet to Remember Children in Cars


A new initiative from nurses at the Maternity Department at Shaare Zedek Medical Center could save the lives of children left in cars.


"Choosing Life" is a project involving a glowing bracelet sporting the words "My Baby is in the Car" – designed to prevent mothers and others forgetting young children in their cars.
The nurses managed to raise thousands of shekels to fund the first 7,000 bracelets, which will be distributed to every woman who gives birth at Shaare Zedek together with a flyer explaining how to use the bracelet: every time a parent puts the baby into the car, he or she wears the bracelet so that throughout the journey it becomes a visible reminder that the child is in the car. When the parent takes the child out of the car, the bracelet can be left on the baby's seat until the next time.
This is another way to give a reminder to parents to change the routineness of their journeys and prevent them forgetting a child in the car.
The project is in partnership with the BeTerem organization.
Maayan Levi, a Sderot resident who gave birth this week at Shaare Zedek (for the second time), was the first mother to receive a bracelet. "It's a great idea! The bracelet is another tool for helping us parents. I recommend that every parent uses the bracelet and any other reminder so that we avoid any possibility of forgetting our precious children in the car."

Director of the Neonatology Department at Shaare Zedek, and Chairperson of the National Council for Children's Health, Prof. Francis Mimouni: "This is a most important initiative. Forgetting a child in a car is one of the most painful incidents and can leave parents with a lifetime sense of guilt. That's why we need to do anything that can put a stop to this in some way. I am very pleased with the nurses' initiative and I am confident it will do its part in preventing unnecessary and unacceptable loss of life."
One of the project originators, Gabriella Lewis Adot: "We treat dozens of newborns and infants every day and see the joy of the new parents and families. It is important to us to arouse awareness and alertness among the parents and we hope that our initiative will help protect the lives of all of our children."
Orli Silvinger, Director-General of BeTerem, an organization advocating children's safety: "We welcome any initiative that will help parents remember that they have a child in the car. On hot days the car warms up really quickly and can even get to 70 degrees. Forgetting a child in the car usually happens with a change in routine, when the parent is in "automatic mode," causing him or her to forget the most precious thing of all. It happens when we're tired or distracted. We say to parents, 'don’t say it won’t happen to me,' – act so it won’t happen. Adopt a life-saving habit or use any means you can to help you check that no child is left in the car at the end of every trip."