First in Israel, at Shaare Zedek:


Heart Catheterization Performed Using Sound Waves to Treat Scale Accumulation in the Heart's Arteries


The new catheterization will allow treatment in complex cases for which the only treatment to date has been a bypass operation.

Dr. Yaron Almagor, Director of the Catheterizations Unit at Shaare Zedek, performed the new catheterization using special machinery (from the Shockwave company), on a female 66-year-old patient with an accumulation of calcium, and after a previous catherization had not addressed the problem.

During the catheterization with the Shockwave device, a small balloon filled with fluid and small spheres is placed at the point at which there is an accumulation of scale in the artery. After placing the balloon, sound waves create a rapid movement among the spheres, which causes cracks to appear in the scale along the artery.

These cracks enable flexibility of the arterial area full of scale and allow for the insertion of a stent without damaging or injuring the artery.

To date, it has not been possible to conduct catheterizations in complex cases of this nature, since any intervention would have caused damage or tearing in the artery. Hence patients suffering from an accumulation of scale had to undergo complicated bypass surgery to overcome the problem.

Dr. Yaron Almagor, Director of the Catheterizations Unit at Shaare Zedek: "For years, the Catheterizations Unit at Shaare Zedek has been one of the pioneers in introducing advanced treatment methods in Israel. The new catheterization method we used today at Shaare Zedek is very significant news for many patients who until now have had to undergo difficult treatments and surgery. Using this new technology adds another level to the range of advanced treatments available at Shaare Zedek."

Prof. Ofer Merin, Director-General, Shaare Zedek: "Our Heart Unit is one of the leading units in Israel, both in terms of medical standards and in using advanced technologies to give our patients the best possible care and allow them to return to normal life as fast and as smoothly as possible."

Prof. Michael Glikson, Director, Shaare Zedek's Heart Unit: "Our extensive Heart Unit at Shaare Zedek is one of the only centers in the country that provides comprehensive solutions to all heart diseases at the very highest level and using the most innovative technologies, which allow us to respond to even the most complex cases with a very high success rate."