Ministry of Health: Increase in Patient Satisfaction at Shaare Zedek's Pediatric ER


A Ministry of Health survey says there has been a 4% rise in patient satisfaction at Shaare Zedek's Pediatric ER.


Our Pediatric ER has tripled in size over the last decade and is now the largest in the city, with over 35,000 patients a year. The survey says that satisfaction levels stand at 88%, which is 3% more than the national average.

The ER rooms at Shaare Zedek are also the largest in Jerusalem and accommodate about 100,000 patients every year, an increase of approximately 40% over the last decade. Due to the rapid growth and in light of the expected increase in future years, we are launching a project within the next few months to double our ER capabilities at an investment of approximately 50 million NIS, with the joint funding of Shaare Zedek, the Health Ministry and the Jerusalem Development Authority. When that is completed, Shaare Zedek's ER will be the largest in the city and provide help and quality responses to hundreds of thousands of patients.

Prof. Ofer Merin, Director-General: "Shaare Zedek's ER room capacity has almost doubled in the last 10 years. We have invested and will continue to invest resources in this department – in the physical infrastructure, medical and nursing HR, and I am pleased we have managed to cope with the huge demand while preserving our high levels of service – providing quality medical care alongside treating our patients with warmth and respect. I sincerely thank our ER teams who are working around the clock for our patients, often in very difficult conditions and congestion, just to administer the best possible treatment and care."

Dr. Giora Weiser, Director, Pediatric ER: "We place the highest importance on creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for our patients and their families, because it helps them get through the process at Shaare Zedek in a more relaxed and smoother fashion. Our team includes doctors, nurses, auxiliary staff and National Service volunteers, all working together as one cohesive team aiming to give the children the best possible support, personal attention and care and the best possible experience during what is often a less pleasant time in ER."