A screw successfully removed from 62-year old patient’s lungs


The screw was initially found via a chest x-ray


Our senior pulmonologists successfully removed a screw that had become lodged in a 62-year old patient’s lungs after he inhaled the 3-centimeter-long object during a dental procedure.

The screw was initially found via a chest x-ray and seeing its location in the patient’s right lung he was immediately transferred to Shaare Zedek.

He quickly underwent a surgical procedure under general anesthesia where the medical team accessed the lung using a bronchoscope inserted into his windpipe. Once accessed, the team was able to carefully remove the obstruction.

A screw of this size and type could easily have punctured the lung or rip open a blood vessel or result in infection,” explained Dr. Ariel Rokach, Director of the Pulmonary Institute at Shaare Zedek. “There are certainly cases where an object like this can reach deep into the lung and require invasive open chest surgery but we were very lucky that wasn’t required for this patient.”