A special workshop for mother and baby, free of charge



The Obstetrics Department at Shaare Zedek Medical Center is expanding its services and offers individualized care during the first months after the birth. A new workshop, led by nurses and doctors from our Maternity Wards and Nurseries, takes place at the hospital once a week.
The workshop includes an introductory session, a Q&A with the director of our Obstetrics Department Prof. Arnon Samueloff and senior pediatrician Prof. Aharon Klar, baby yoga workshop, breastfeeding counseling and group guidance. 
Chana Kasten, CNM, founder of the workshop and head nurse of Nursery C, explains that "it is important to give the new mother with a safe place to talk and share, where she can receive professional support even after the birth. The workshop offers such an environment for women 6-8 weeks after delivery. They can tell about their birthing experience and share all the emotions they feel about the birth and motherhood. Doing this in a forum of other new mothers like them encourages sharing and expressing of emotions that might have been suppressed by some of them. During the hospitalization after birth, all couples receive professional guidance but we see time and again that many questions surface after discharge, yet the couples don't always have a credible source to answer them. We aspire to help the new mothers not only during birth and immediately after, but also during those first few months that are usually the most challenging. The workshop strengthens the mothers' self-confidence and enables them to make decisions for them and their baby".

The workshops take place on Thursdays between 11an-1pm. 
To register: magik@szmc.org.il, 972-53-4263244


Pictured: Baby Yoga class with Mrs. Gisele Gordon, senior yoga instructor at Shaare Zedek.