Thanks to a member of the cleaning and security team at Shaare Zedek, the lost envelope with NIS 1,000 returned to its owner


"I did not know it was a disability pension. I just wanted the person who lost the envelope to find it."



They’re often the unsung heroes in the hospital. But one recent story shined light on the remarkable actions of our dedicated maintenance and security workers…
Last week, Noa Amrani, a social worker living in Jerusalem visited Shaare Zedek. While at the hospital, an envelope she was carrying with a large sum of cash fell from her bag. “I can’t even describe what I was feeling when I realized it was missing. The worst part was that the money wasn’t mine but belonged to one of my clients that I work with and is a resident of a hostel for patients with a history of mental abuse. The cash is part of her monthly allowance that I was meant to be giving her later in the day,” Noa explained.

It just so happened that that day Jamal Deebs, a maintenance supervisor at Shaare Zedek was assigned to the hospital’s second floor and came upon an unmarked envelope with no indications of its rightful owner. Jamal said, “At first I thought it was just some papers and I almost just tossed it in the trash. But then I realized it was an envelope with money inside and knew that someone had likely dropped it and would want to find it.” Without thinking twice, Jamal contacted the hospital’s Security Department to see if they could track down the owner.
There Bat-El Arbook was the on-shift supervisor. Jamal and Bat-El decided that they would do whatever they could to try and find the rightful owner. Identifying the exact spot Jamal had found the envelope, Bat El was able to call up the relevant security camera footage and saw the moment that it fell out of Noa’s bag. Using the network of cameras, they were then able to chart Noa’s path through the hospital in a way that allowed them to determine her name and contact details.

“When we got her on the phone, she immediately began to cry out of happiness. Every day we help people in the hospital but this time it took on a whole different form of help and ensured that someone who really needed this money would be getting it,” Bat El said.

“I can only express my deep thanks to Jamal who found the envelope and brought it into security. They truly went above and beyond to track me down and return the money. It warms the heart to discover these types of kind-hearted people who take their jobs to the next level”, Noa said.