Hapoel Jerusalem Basketball Team Visits New Sports Medicine Center at Shaare Zedek


The capital’s top basketball team recently underwent a number of tests – blood tests, physical tests and ECG and blood pressure under stress and during relaxation – at Shaare Zedek’s new Sports Medicine Center, directed by Prof. Na’ama Constantini.


The players, like all competitive sportsmen and women, are legally obligated to take these tests before the season starts. And they can only be conducted in a Sports Medicine facility recognized by the Ministry of Health. The aim of the visit was to identify problems and situations liable to cause disease, injury or even sudden death.

Prof. Constantini: “Over the many years of my career as a Sports Doctor, I have come across a number of cases in which we discovered potentially fatal heart problems. Through referral to the right people and appropriate treatment (and very occasionally forbidding any further competitive sport) – we were able to avert any damage. The blood tests – which are not a legal requirement – can help to identify mineral and vitamin deficiencies, which upon correction can improve performance. Many medical studies prove that physical activity performed properly improves the quality of life.”
Only a few hospitals in Israel provide Sports Medicine services. The new Sports Medicine Center at Shaare Zedek offers diagnostic services, counseling and physical fitness treatment to the general public, including professionals and leading sports teams. A multi-disciplinary team of sports experts adapts training programs to each individual. This involves using advanced testing to evaluate the patent’s aerobic abilities and other elements of physical fitness. One can also undergo metabolism tests, after which staff will proscribe a precise, tailor-made nutritional menu and physical fitness program.