Many women prefer not to take pain relief medication during childbirth. Our midwives are trained to support each woman who wants to experience natural childbirth with minimal intervention, and can guide you through the process while recommending preferable positions and natural methods to relieve pain. Our midwives can also instruct your partner how best to help you too.
Please note: We won't always be able to comply with your wishes for a natural birth. It depends on a number of factors (course of pregnancy, mother’s state and the position of the fetus on admission, etc.) Medical intervention might be unavoidable. 
Pain relief
All our delivery rooms are equipped with a shower and a physio ball, and some have a harness and a ladder for stretching and relaxation exercises. You can also bring your own pain-relief accessories and have a doula accompany you. 
Mrs. Gisele Gordon, senior yoga instructor, is here to serve all new mothers and will be happy to guide you through breathing and relaxation techniques. She is available Sun-Thu in the mornings. 
Birthing positions
We facilitate all birthing positions – on your back (while the legs rest in stirrups or slope towards the floor), on your side, on all fours, while squatting and while using a birthing chair. The only restriction is when the baby starts crowning the mother is asked to not leave the bed. 
All the rooms are equipped with light dimmers to create a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Each room has a stereo system and access to a large music collection. You can also bring your own music device. 
Feel free to bring essential oils or other fragrances you like. 
Although Shaare Zedek provides comfortable clothes for the birth, you may choose to bring your own. However, please keep in mind that whatever you wear will get dirty and might be damaged. 
During your stay in the delivery room we will monitor your vitals – as well as your baby's of course – at set intervals (10 minutes of monitoring every half hour). This can be done while you’re lying on the bed, sitting on a physio ball or standing. Any time you are not connected to the monitor you may move freely about the room and spend time in the shower.