The guiding principle in choosing painkillers is not to decide which to use in advance! 
We make every effort to accommodate the mother's wishes. Our team is experienced in many methods. We will suggest options during the delivery process but the mother has the final say. 

These are the pain relief options we offer at Shaare Zedek Medical Center: 

Physiotherapy Ball
A physiotherapy ball is a big ball on which you can sit and roll your pelvis, or bounce on it to add extra pelvic movement. You can also use it in the shower. The mobility helps relax your muscles and enables the fetus's head to enter the birth canal correctly. 

The water is soothing and eases the contractions. During relaxation we loosen the muscles. This allows for a quicker progress of the birth process. You may take a shower any time during the birth providing you’re not receiving any medical treatment at the time. 

Laughing Gas
Nitrous gas (N2O), also known as laughing gas, is administered by mask. The gas alleviates the pain and can be used during contractions. The mask is by the bed and you can administer the gas yourself, if and when you see fit. 

Dolestin or Pethidine are administered intravenously, sedating the mother and easing the pain. The mother may receive the sedation injection if the fetus is progressing well. 

The epidural is a local anesthetic for the lower part of the body. It can only be administered by an anesthetist. After the tube is inserted into the spine’s epidural cavity, the substance may be administered repeatedly. This is a continuous epidural, i.e. the tube is connected to a special device that injects the substance at regular frequencies and the mother may add more if she feels the need.