The CT Institute at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center performs body imaging using advanced equipment enabling fast and accurate scanning with minimum radiation.

The Institute has two machines:
•    A Siemens Flash CT which uses the Dual Energy CT method to conduct fast and accurate examinations to characterize body substances. The device has a special setting with reduced radiation levels for scanning children.
•    A Siemens Definition CT which supplies maximum precision and allows for – in addition to regular scans – CT-directed invasive procedures.

Contrast Agent
In some of the CT examinations, patients receive an intravenous contrast agent dosage. This colors the blood cells and soft tissues and – through imaging – facilitates characterization of processes occurring in the body. The contrast agent used at Shaare Zedek is very safe and based on macro molecules containing iodine. Having said that, there is a low risk of an allergic reaction to the contrast agent (not to the iodine). Therefore, before the examination, patients should say whether they:
•    Are allergic to the contrast agent
•    Are allergic to anything (those suffering from allergies are under greater risk of developing an allergy to the contrast agent)
•    Have a kidney function problem (at greater risk of increased problems as a result of the contrast agent)
These things must be stated beforehand so the staff can assess alternative examination methods or adopt a preliminary drugs-based treatment that can reduce risks.

Examinations performed at the Institute: 
Body Examinations: with particular emphasis on the problematic area. Each area has its own particular imaging technique.
Special Examinations:
Cardiac CT (including virtual cardiac catheterization)
2.    Colonography CT (virtual colonoscopy)
3.    Characterizing substances for diagnosing gout and  bladder stones
4.    Non-invasive catheterization (head and neck, stomach, limb arteries)
Invasive procedures: micro-invasive procedures conducted percutaneously, including biopsies, drainage and CT-directed treatment of growths.