The department’s activity covers all aspects of adult heart surgery, including bypass operations, valve replacement (or repair) surgery and aorta surgery.
Our surgeons perform bypass surgery using the most advanced techniques available, mostly with a heart-lung machine but also with off-pump technology for high-risk or special needs patients.
We use arterial implants rather than vascular grafts to ensure maximum implant life expectancy and to avoid repeat surgery or procedures.
Valve Surgery
Valve surgery covers all the heart valves. With increasing frequency (due to an ageing population), we find ourselves performing more aortic valve replacement surgery. If the patient is at high risk from this kind of surgery, our surgeons –together with the Cardiology Department’s catheterization team – will perform the procedure using TAVI (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation) to replace the valve.
Other Valve Surgery 
In the event of mitral valve problems, the current preference is repair (to avoid inserting an artificial valve). Our surgeons will only use an artificial valve (mechanical or biological) if there is no other option. The department specializes in valve repair and has vast experience in mitral valve repairs across the disease spectrum.
Another specialty is aortic surgery, particularly the ascending aorta and the aortic arch. Dr. Fink studied this field in one of the leading centers in the world. This surgery is designated for patients suffering from an aortic aneurysm requiring surgery to prevent tearing.
These operations are highly complex but our department has a wealth of experience and a very high success rate. In aortic surgery, our surgeons are also experts at preserving the aortic valve when the aorta has to be detached from the aortic root. It is possible to preserve the natural valve and avoid replacing it with an artificial one as well as avoiding the need for anti-coagulant treatment.
The Pulmonary Surgery Unit specializes in lung and chest surgery.