High Blood Pressure Clinic

High blood pressure is a disease that accelerates the arteriosclerosis development process, as well as increasing the risk of strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney failure and blood cell damage. Therefore it is extremely important to maintain stable blood pressure. 

Who is the clinic designed for?
Patients aged 18 and above suffering from imbalanced blood pressure in spite of treatment, or whose medicinal treatment causes side effects. Similarly, the clinic treats patients referred by the family doctor for treatment advice. Holter blood pressure tests are also conducted in the clinic.

Is a referral needed?
You can contact the High Blood Pressure Clinic at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center with or without a referral. For those with a referral from your doctor, please bring the doctor’s referral letter and health agency commitment.

What should I bring to the first visit?
1.    A full and updated list of the all the drugs you’re taking, even if they’re not connected to high blood pressure.
2.    Blood and urine test results over the last three months:
-    General urine tests, including Alb./Creat.
-    General blood tests, including blood count, renal functioning, liver functioning, electrolytes, fats profile, total protein, glucose, TSH, albumin.
3.    If you have been referred by a doctor, please bring the referral letter and your medical history.
4.    Morning and evening blood pressure measurements for four consecutive days (8 results in total.)
5.    If you have had Holter blood pressure tests, Holter ECG or Echocardiogram tests, please bring your results. Similarly, if you have been hospitalized or have a catheter, please bring disease summaries and catheterization reports.

Lilach is available to answer your questions on Sun, Mon, Tues and Thurs (08:00-12:00), and on Wed, 10:30-15:00.