The Gastro-Genetic Clinic is the result of cooperation between Shaare Zedek’s Gastro Unit and the Genetics Unit. 
Patients receive integrated advice, from a senior gastroenterologist and a genetics consultant, and can ask questions to both. This saves the patient the hassle of running to and from both departments, and means he or she can discuss the situation with all relevant parties in one visit.

How does it work?
First the patient sits with the Coordinating Nurse, and they build the patient’s family tree, mapping the frequency of the relevant diseases throughout the generations. Sometimes, of course, the patient could be the first one in the family to contract a particular disease.
The patient then has a joint discussion with a gastroenterologist and the Genetics Consultant, during which there is a medical interview, recommendations are given for further treatment or testing and the patient can ask any questions.

Who should come to the Gastro-Genetic Clinic?
Many patients are referred to us for consultation. It could be due to the discovery of multiple polyps, not necessarily tumors. In other cases, there could be a family history of tumors in the digestive system, at a young age.
There is a connection between tumors in the digestive system and tumors in other seemingly unrelated areas of the body (cancer of the womb, for example.) It is therefore recommended to come to the clinic for a professional consultation and ease any anxieties or doubts.