Drugs Damage
The liver can be impacted by drugs as well. Drugs like Paracetamol (sold in Israel as Acamol), when administered in too high a dosage, almost always cause serious damage to the liver. However, if the patient comes to a hospital within a few hours of taking the drug, there is excellent treatment for this condition. On the other hand, there are drugs such as Augmentin, Simvastatin (Zocor), Nitrofurantoin and many others which may cause damage to the liver irrespective of their dosage. This type of damage has no specific treatment and in the more severe cases a liver transplant may be required.

Damage from Poisons (toxins)
“Wine gladdens the heart of men,” but only in small quantities! Large amounts of wine and other alcoholic beverages are poison to the liver (and to the heart and brain too!)
Alcoholic liver disease is very common in the western world. The treatment is avoiding alcohol and in more severe cases, prescribing cortisone.
There are other toxins too, both environmental and industrial, which can cause serious damage to the liver. For example, fumigation or pest-control substances, toxic metals, air pollution and even over-exposure to the sun (sunstroke and a sharp rise in body temperature can destroy liver cells.)

Damage from Autoimmune Diseases
This is a group of diseases that attacks the liver tissue itself or the liver’s bile ducts. Usually, damage to the liver is a side effect of the disease. There are effective treatments for some of these diseases and in others there is often a need for drugs to subdue the immune system’s increased activity.