In the General Surgery Wing, we perform a range of surgical operations through a number of smaller, specialized units, including:

The Unit for Treating Obesity-Related Surgery, directed by Dr. Ram Shapira

The Center for Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Tract Surgery, directed by Prof. Menachem ben Chaim

The Breast Unit, directed by Dr. Yaheli Miller

The Vascular Surgery Unit, directed by Dr. Ilya Goldin

The Pediatric Surgery Department, directed by Dr. Yaron Armon


Our work involves much multi-disciplinary cooperation with many other departments in the hospital, including the Oncology Institute, the Diagnostic Radiology Unit, the Gastro Institute, the Infectious Diseases Department and the Pain Service. Similarly, our doctors specialize in laparoscopic surgery (micro-invasive operations within the abdomen) to remove tumors and treat benign diseases in the digestive system.

As part of the routine schedule, there are regular meetings to discuss patient case studies, with the aim of learning from each other and constantly improving, always aiming to provide the patient with the best possible care.

We can also integrate complementary medicine into the treatment. This involves two particular methods – acupuncture and homeopathy. These will be introduced to help the patient cope with fears and stress before surgery, or with pain, recovery and the need to strengthen body and soul afterwards. These treatments are not invasive and do not have any side effects. They are coordinated with the surgical team and are provided free of charge.

The department’s activity has significantly expanded in recent years. In 2016 we performed over 6,000 operations and over 6,200 patients (from all over the country) were hospitalized during the year. We now have 12 highly advanced operating theaters, including technology enabling recording, broadcasting and video communication with other medical centers in Israel and around the globe.

The department plays a central role in the Surgical Gastro Unit, and the center for diagnosing and treating digestive tract diseases. The game-changer of this unit is the efficient multi-disciplinary cooperation between all the relevant departments, headed by the Gastro Unit and the General Surgery Wing, providing all solutions – medical, clinical and managerial – under one roof.

We also run a number of quality control projects, such as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) and PE (Pulmonary Embolism) prevention, preventing infections and rapid recovery from pancreatic surgery.

In 2017 we are moving to our new location on the sixth floor. The department will have 72 hospitalization beds, an addition of 20 to the existing number. The new department has been painstakingly planned, considering professional needs both present and future. With more space, the latest technology and better conditions, our patients will enjoy better treatment and service.

Particular attention has been made to esthetics and how to create the most relaxing and comfortable ambience for every patient, while ensuring optimal privacy as well. In addition, the new department will also include a Step Down unit – a unit for intensive treatment and monitoring for complex surgical cases. There will be six treatment stations designed and equipped to world-class standards.


The Department’s Credo

The entire Surgery Unit team is committed to provide professional, precise and updated treatment at the highest possible levels.

The team is committed to treating each patient with respect and to protect every patient’s privacy and rights, as defined by law.

The team is committed to place the patient (and his or her family) in the center. Every medical or nursing action is performed for the patient’s health and recovery.

The team is committed to provide the patient with full, accurate and comprehensive information – including possible alternative treatments – and to guide the patient at every stage of the treatment, explaining what is about to happen and informing him or her of any changes.