Prof. Petachia Reissman (center) with fellow physicians

Our expert physicians are assisted at all times by:
•    A nutritionist that specializes in all aspects of general surgery. She is available every morning to counsel the patients and answer any relevant question. 
•    A physiotherapist that visits the department each day. Physiotherapy is an important part of the recovery process. Our physiotherapist assists mainly with strengthening the respiratory system and offers rehabilitation exercises as need be. 
•    A social worker is at our patients' disposal. She is familiar with all the patient's rights for continuation of care. She can also help with issues of economic distress and mental support for both the patient and their family. 
We all work together to provide the best care for our patients, emphasizing warmth and support while striving to provide individualized treatment for each patient.

Each nurse is charged with a small number of patients, so s/he is familiar with each patient and can care for all their personal and medical needs. The nurse will gladly answer any question you or your family may have. The nurse is also responsible for maintaining a line of communication between the patient and the department's medical and para-medical staff.

Senior physicians
Prof. Petachia Reissman, Director, General Surgery Division
Dr. Joseph Alberton, Director, Surgical Hospitalization Department B
Dr. Yaron Armon, Director, Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Menachem Ben-Haim, Director, Hepato-Biliary Unit
Dr. Ilya Goldin, Director, Vascular Surgery Unit
Dr. Moshe Carmon, Director, Breast Surgery Unit
Dr. Alon Schwartz, Director, Trauma Unit; Cardio-Thoracic surgeon
Dr. Ram Shapira, Director, Surgical Hospitalization Department A; Director, Bariatric Surgery Unit
Dr. David Shemesh, Director, Vascular Access Unit
Dr. Marc Arkovitz
Prof. Khalil Abu Dalu, pediatric surgery
Dr. Ribhi Abu-Dalo
Dr. Dmitry Gimelreich, Vascular Surgery
Dr. Amir Dagan
Dr. Tal Hadar, Breast Surgery
Dr. Joseph Weiss
Dr. Jamal Hijazi, Vascular Surgery 
Dr. Alexander Mintz
Dr. Jacob Samet, Vascular Surgery 
 Dr. Aner Keinan, pediatric surgery
Dr. Krasilnikov Valery, Vascular Surgery 
Dr. Hagith Nagar
Dr. Yair Eden
Dr. Shameel Shamailov
Dr. Michael Neumann
Dr. Yelink Shlomo
Dr. Halpatek Gili, Breast Surgeon
Dr. Ohn Sibirsky
Head Nurse
Mrs. Annika Schwarz, RN, MA