Both men and women suffer from inflated and fatty abdomens, which are often uncomfortable and a source of embarrassment. Causes include weak muscles in the abdominal wall, excess weight, pregnancy, or excess skin that has lost its elasticity and so cannot contract (hence diets and physical activity won’t help either.)

The solution is Abdominoplasty or ‘Tummy Tuck’. This is an operation to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and to strengthen stomach muscles, which in turn helps to tighten the abdominal wall.
After you have decided on surgery, make an appointment with us and a doctor will sit with you, answer all of your questions and tell you about all the options.

In this operation, the weak excess skin is removed from the abdomen and the abdominal wall muscles – which are often weakened during repeated pregnancies or extreme weight changes – are tightened. After Abdominoplasty, you will have a flat, taut belly with a more pronounced waistline and a new navel position. 

The operation will make you much thinner around the waist and give you more of the feminine “hourglass” look. Women planning on more pregnancies would be wise to delay this surgery until they have finished giving birth. Similarly, patients expecting to drastically lose weight through slimming surgery or an extreme diet are also recommended to delay until their weight is stable.

The surgery involves a horizontal scar low on the abdomen and is usually covered by your clothes or swimsuit. Sometimes we are able to cut and repair old and prominent scars, such as scars from Cesarian sections. Another scar is hidden by the navel (belly button) which is also re-shaped and looks young and esthetic. 

There are different types of Abdominoplasty, including a more moderate surgery, Mini-Abdominoplasty, and of course we treat each case individually and perform the appropriate surgery for every individual patient.
Abdominoplasty is suitable for patients who have gone through a diet and now stabilized their weight.