These operations are intended to remove excess skin from the arms and thighs. Excess skin in these areas is particularly common after a drastic loss in weight. The limp skin generally loses its contraction ability and cannot re-adapt itself to the new smaller body measurements, hence it remains shriveled and drooping and becomes an esthetic problem. The resultant folds in the skin can also become a medical issue if they rub against each other and cause eczema or irritable skin infections.

The surgery cuts away the shriveled excess skin while tightening and stretching the rest of the skin on the particular limb. The main “price” of these operations are the scars. Sometimes, with relatively little excess skin, we can restrict the scars to the ‘hidden’ areas such as the armpit and the groin. In other cases, with greater amounts of excess skin, there will be longer vertical scars on the inner arms and thighs, although these too are placed in relatively hidden areas. It is not always possible to predict the exact nature of the scarring and there is a risk of more prominent scarring which will be visible if not covered by clothes.

So this is the risk one should carefully consider before surgery. Having said that, in most cases the final result is far more desirable than what it was before the surgery and the vast majority of our patients are very pleased with their decision.