Breast enlargement surgery is when an implant is inserted under each breast to enlarge it and enhance its shape. Many women choose to enlarge their breasts to balance out their body proportions, which in turn raises their self-confidence.

The operation is suitable for women with small breasts or breasts that have shriveled or drooped after births and breastfeeding, women whose breast shape has changed after dieting, women with asymmetrical breasts, and others.
After you decide you want the surgery, make an appointment with us and a specialist doctor will sit with you, answer all of your questions and together you can decide the size and shape you want.

It is important to note that having a specialist doctor conduct the process will help you reach your desired result with a look that is natural rather than surgical. If you are over 40, we recommend a pre-operative mammography test.
The actual operation is performed under general anesthetic and lasts for approximately an hour.