The Shaare Zedek Intensive Care Unit (ICU) comprises 14 beds and is located on the 8th floor. The unit re-opened in August 2017 after being completely refurbished and expanded. The unit comprises 12 regular ICU beds and two negative pressure rooms for patients with potentially contagious diseases. The unit admits around 800 patients per year from all areas of the hospital and from all disciplines. The majority of admissions are from the Emergency Room, Medical and Surgical Departments. 

Intensive care requires team work and the ICU staff is comprised of Physicians, Nurses, Paramedical (Dietician, Physiotherapist, Social Worker), technologists (such as respiratory, radiology, echo, neurology) and Support Staff (National service volunteers and cleaning staff). In addition, physicians from other departments and others consult as necessary. Every day there is one physician who is in charge of the unit supported by ICU fellows and residents. Usually the residents will examine the patients and then present their findings to the Physician in Charge. Each Nurse is responsible for the care of two patients. Other staff assist as required. 
Common causes for admission to ICU are trauma (such as motor vehicle accidents), respiratory failure, infections (such as sepsis and septic shock) and following extensive surgery. Many of the patients are connected to mechanical ventilation, at least at the beginning of their admissions. The average length of ICU admission is around five days, although this varies extensively from person to person. Discharge is always to another hospital department.  

The Shaare Zedek ICU uses all necessary advanced care therapies – including ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, vasoactive drugs, advanced monitoring, continuous renal replacement therapy, and plasmapheresis. The ICU also represents the ECMO center for the hospital with an active program of both venovenous and veno-arterial procedures.
Critical illness almost always represents a catastrophic event with challenges for both the patient and their family/loved ones. We will do our utmost to support you through this process with medical updates (daily between 1300-1500 excluding weekends), dedicated visiting hours, and through our Social Worker. In the event that any additional support is needed please speak to Nava, the departmental secretary. Nava can also arrange a specific time for a family meeting if required.