Internal Medicine Department A
Director: Dr. David Katz
Head nurse: Ms. Rina Sklyar, RN, BA
Social worker: Ms. Bat Zion Cohen
Secretariat Department Phone: 02-6666372; Secretary: 02-6666467; Reception: 02-6666471
The department treats a variety of internal diseases with emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatologic diseases and diseases of the metabolic and endocrine systems.

Internal Medicine Department B
Director: Dr. Shoshana Zevin
Head nurse: Ms. Tanya Mor, RN, BA
Social worker: Ms. Dina Ashkenazi

Secretariat Department Phone: 02-6666090; Secretary: 02-6555680; Reception: 02-6555749
The department has a multi-disciplinary staff that treats many different patients suffering from infectious diseases, lung diseases, diseases of the digestive tract and other complex illnesses. 

Internal Medicine Department C
Director: Dr. Gavriel Munter
Head nurse: Ms. Isabella Kibler, Rn, Ma
Social worker: Ms. Orit Levy and Ms. Moriah Koppolovitz Deevon

Secretariat Department Phone: 02-5645025; Fax: 02-6555349; Reception: 02-6666809, 02-5645041
The department has 37 beds and usually treats younger patients. some patients undergoing elective procedures are hospitalized here as well as patients with metabolic and endocrine problems. 

Internal Medicine Department D
Director: Prof. Talya Wolak
Social worker: Ms. Yael Levy and Ms. 
Moriah Koppolovitz Deevon
Secretariat Department Phone 02-545439, 02-6464103; Reception: 02-5645878
The department is located at the Bikur Cholim campus.