Zohar Unit for Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is the most advanced method available today to distinguish between healthy fetuses and fetuses suffering from a genetic illness. The method is meant to prevent the birth of babies with genetic diseases. The diagnosis can be performed only for familial diseases whose genetic source was identified. 

The Zohar Unit
During the decade since its foundation, the Zohar Unit for PGD helped bring 360 healthy babies into this world. The unit handles approx. 5% of all the PGD activity in Europe and the percentage of pregnancies achieved through its work is very high (approx. 40% for fetal transfers). The numbers go as high as 70% when the CMA test (Chromosomal Microarray Analysis) is used, but this test can be used only in certain cases. 
The unit is recognized as an excellence center and assists in the diagnosis of complex cases. The unit sees many couples from Israel and abroad. This is also the only PGD unit and Israel, and one of a select few around the world, that performs a test of the egg cell's (ovum) polar bodies in cases where the mother is the carrier of the genetic disorder.
The unit employs a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in both genetics and IVF, along with experts in different laboratory fields, a social worker, a psychologist and more. 

We hope to help many more couples realize their dream using the most cutting edge technology!