Multi-Disciplinary Clinic for the Diagnosis of Abnormal Fetal Ultrasound Findings

The clinic provides pregnant women with abnormal ultrasound findings the possibility of an in-depth multi-disciplinary investigation of the observed problem. Over the course of single day the woman will undergo an ultrasonic systems scan specifically targeted at the abnormal finding, genetic counselling, amniocentesis (if the couple is interested), fetal echo and a specialist physician's consultation. 
When all test results are in, the staff reviews all findings as well as relevant recent studies and, following a joint discussion, formulates a recommendation regarding the management of the pregnancy and the birth. The couple receives this recommendation and a summation letter in a second meeting with the staff the following week. 
The staff members are all senior physicians with expertise in various fields: gynecology, ultrasound, genetic, pediatric intensive care, pediatric cardiology etc.