Dear mother – you held your baby in the delivery room, maybe even breastfed him/her, and got to know your new offspring. Now the midwife will wrap the baby and escort him/her to the nursery adjacent to the Maternity Ward you chose for your hospitalization. 
Shaare Zedek Medical Center's Nursery personnel is composed of dedicated and well trained nurses who specialize in caring for newborns. They give each new baby a gentle and loving reception.

Two cousins born on the same day, discharged from Nursery D

Upon arrival to the nursery, each baby receives the following basic treatment:
•    Measurement of weight and temperature 
•    Warming up, if necessary (during the first hours of life babies often experience a drop in their body temperature)
•    A general examination by a nurse
•    An examination by a physician (done once a day during the morning or the evening, depending on the hour of birth)
•    Washing and clothing

In addition, the baby undergoes the following medical procedures: 
•    Antibiotic ointment is applied to the eyes to prevent infections (done once)
•    Vitamin K by injection (or orally, according to the mother's wishes). The vitamin helps prevent bleeding that could jeopardize the baby in his/her first days, when their bodies are still unable to produce the vitamin themselves. 
•     Hepatitis B inoculation
•    Tests for blood sugar levels, oxygen saturation, blood cell levels etc. - as needed
Other tests, such as ultrasound, blood tests, cardiac echo and extended hearing test, might be done if a specific medical need arises. 
If you are not interested in one or more of these procedures, you will be asked to mark so on the consent form that you will sign upon admission for birth. Alternatively, you should clearly state your wishes to your midwife after the delivery and before the baby is transferred to the nursery.