The nursery staff is fully equipped to provide your baby with anything he/she might need during their stay at the hospital:
•    Supervision: Do not leave your baby alone. Any mother (including those using our rooming-in accommodations) that needs to leave the Maternity Ward for any reason during her hospitalization is requested to bring her baby to the nursery. 
•    Daily weight, wash and disinfection of the navel.
•    Monitoring for signs of neonatal jaundice: Including a non-invasive skin exam at least once a day. 
•    UV light treatment: If neonatal jaundice develops. 
The staff offers the new parents guidance and explanations about caring for the new baby and feeding him/her, including breastfeeding counseling by a qualified counselor and by the nurses. 
You can also meet with a neonatal physician. For information about reception hours, please ask the nurses.