The Adult Nephrology institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center treats patients suffering from end stage renal diseases, including hemodialysis treatments, peritoneal dialysis and preparation for kidney transplants. In addition, the institute has an outpatient clinic for consultations regarding renal diseases and hypertension, and the institute's experts give inpatient consultations for the different hospitalization departments. The institute is set to provide emergency dialysis services if necessary. The staff combines a high level of proficiency in current protocols with the grace and mercy that characterize Shaare Zedek. 

The institute is recognized as an excellence center that reaches out to GPs in the community in order to encourage early detection and treatment of chronic kidney diseases (CKD). CKDs are a serious problem in the field of public health. About 10% of the adult population suffers from a latent disease. Unaware of being at risk, they don't ask for the necessary blood and urine tests. 
institute treats patients from Israel and abroad, including tourists in need of dialysis (by appointment). 

institute diagnoses and treats all kidney diseases: 
•    Chronic kidney diseases
•    End-stage renal diseases
•    Acute kidney injuries and acute renal failure
•    Complex or treatment-resistant hypertension
•    Renal complications of systemic diseases
•    Disorders in blood-salt levels and the basic acidic balance