Botulinum toxin is a very safe treatment if administered at a sufficient professional level. The treatment is prescribed for a range of diseases and disorders and its effectiveness is generally very high. If there are any side effects, they are temporary and disappear after a short time.
The treatment is offered to patients with disorders in which one or more of their muscles are over-working. The toxin injected into the muscle temporarily weakens it and the treatment is given in 3-6-month cycles, depending on the initial diagnosis and the patient's reactions to the treatment.
The toxin also affects sweat and salivary glands and can suppress them.
The Botulinum Clinic at Shaare Zedek Medical Center is unique in Israel. Some of the treatments are given with ultrasound, and the accuracy of the injections is very high. The effectiveness of the injection is also very good and side effects are extremely rare, in comparison to other treatment or using an EMG needle.
Dr. Gilad Yahalom is a pioneer in the field of Movement Disorders. He began injecting botulinum accompanied by ultrasound and has since acquired a very high level of skill and much experience in this treatment.
Botulinum treatment is offered for the following diseases:

  • Hemifacial spasm (HFS) – a very annoying disorder – in which half the face becomes distorted – that causes great social embarrassment. Botulinum injections into the affected facial muscles have been proven as the most effective treatment for this disorder.

  • Post Bell's Palsy Synkinesis – similar to HFS, it also involves facial distortion after facial palsy. Also socially uncomfortable and can be much relieved through botulinum injections.

  • Blepharospasm – tic-like movements with involuntary eye closure. Patients react very well to botulinum treatment.

  • Neck Dystonia – involuntary neck positions that can cause social embarrassment, trembling, discomfort and pain. Botulinum treatment is very effective.

  • Spastic Tone after a Stroke – the injection reduces the hand's involuntary movement and thus heals it. The botulinum injection into the arm can reduce pain, cause a clenched fist to open and restore partial functioning to the hand, and/or prevent shortened tendons as a result of the chronic spastic tone.  

Botulinum toxin is also prescribed for disorders not included in the health basket, and with high levels of success, such as:

  • Hypersalivation – injection into the salivary glands.

  • Tics – if the tics involve one muscle group or a few muscle groups, we can inject with excellent results. For example, eye or neck tics.

  • Spasticity of the hands or legs, not as a result of a stroke.

  • Limb dystonia.

  • Jaw or bruxism dystonia.