The clinic offers the following tests:
•    Breast imaging, including mammography, ultrasound and MRI, at the new Breast Imaging Institute (Mammography). In any case of a suspicious finding, a biopsy is done on the spot. 
•    Ovarian ultrasound. 
•    A breast exam by a breast surgeon or an expert of the Breast Imaging Institute. 
•    Blood markers test (CA-125).
•    If needed, a multi-disciplinary consultation is offered, especially when a woman is facing a decision about preventative surgery. 
•    Counseling about hormonal therapy. 
•    Those interested will be referred to pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) at the Zohar Laboratory at Shaare Zedek. 

For the initial meeting please bring the results of the genetic tests. These should include a specification of the identified mutation and a summation of the genetic counseling provided after the identification. If possible, please bring a payment guarantee from your HMO.