Occupational Therapy provides infants (including premature infants), children and adolescents with the ability to make progress and improve achievements in their daily functioning at home, in preschool and in school. The Unit’s team is trained to diagnose and treat children referred by parents, teachers, community doctors and doctors from the Pediatric Neurology Unit. Staff work individually with children referred ambulatorily and also prepare groups of children for first grade while treating writing difficulties.
Children with delayed development are incapable of performing tasks appropriate for their age in at least one of the areas of healthy development: sensory-motor integration, stability mechanisms, thinking and comprehension, behavior, socialization and communication, learning skills and more. The family’s strengths base, needs and coping skills serve as the platform for the child’s treatment intervention and guidance is given to the parents while increasing their awareness of their child’s special needs. Treatment is designed to bring the child to maximum use of his or her talents and functioning at all times. The treatment is based on the sensory-motor experience, the child’s own initiative and motivation, challenging games and the enjoyment, satisfaction and joy in success.
The types of treatment are varied and adapted to the individual needs of each child:
•    Cognitive skills
•    Games and learning
•    Attention and concentration
•    Organization and planning
•    Sensory processing
•    Fine and gross motor skills
•    Drawing, writing and copying
•    Independence in daily skills (eating, dressing, washing, personal hygiene and care)
•    Using leisure time
•    Acquiring social skills


Lior Birkan
Nurit Goldenberg
Orit Zdokia
Einat Semender

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