Hanna Melchior
Hanna Melchior, OTR, MSc
Certified occupational therapist, specializing in hand rehabilitation and sensory disruptions in day-to-day life. Works at the Israel Center for Hansen's Disease. 

Shelly Marcus
Shelly Marcus, OTC, MSc
Certified occupational therapist specializing in hand rehabilitation, burn victims and ergonomics. Specializes in work-related accident prevention and adjusting work stations for different professions, including dentists, office workers and high-tech workers. 
Was a board member of the Hand Rehabilitation Group between 1995-2000.

Avital Eshkol
Avital Eshkol, BPT
Certified physiotherapist, specializing in orthopedic injuries and sports injuries. Certified to administer respiratory treatment, taping treatment and treatment using Malligan's method. 
Clinical instructor at the Orthopedic Department.