The Integrated Oncology Institute at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center offers services to patients at all stages of the various cancers:

- Diagnosis

- Delineating treatment programs

- Administering drugs-based treatments, including chemotherapy, hormonal and biological therapy

- Supportive therapy and relief for symptoms and side effects

- Pain treatment and supportive treatment for patients in advanced stages of the disease


The Oncology Institute is responsible for adult cancer patients at the hospital and deals with all types of the disease apart from those more closely related to Hematology, such as cancers in the blood system and the lymph glands. Patients with these diseases are treated in the Internal Hematology Day Hospitalization for Adults Department or the Oncology-Hematology Hospitalization Department.


The Institute initiates and participates in many clinical research studies intended for Shaare Zedek patients.


The Experimental Oncology Laboratory operates under the auspices of the Institute too. Scientists are engaged in developing innovative devices for cancer treatment. 

The Institute is in regular contact with the other departments in the hospital, so it can give patients the most effective and advanced multi-disciplinary treatment.