The Breast Oncology Unit is proud to provide a unique program dedicated to young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Young women have particular needs that include concerns about fertility, genetics, relationships, parenting, and career development among others. 

Our program aims to provide support for young women via a dedicated patient navigator from diagnosis to survivorship. The patient navigator will help guide patients through the complex cancer care system to help ensure timely and multidisciplinary care.

The program will also include clinical research to help explore and tailor care to the needs of young women with breast cancer including topics related to psychosocial issues and the biology of breast cancer and more. 

Our medical staff also specializes in breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy and in pregnancy after breast cancer. 
In addition to care and support we will provide education and programming geared toward young women. 
Please reach out if we can be of assistance or if you wish to collaborate with us. 
If you have experienced breast cancer before the age of 45 and you would like to share your thoughts based on your personal experience about what’s important in a breast cancer program for young women – please feel free to reach out and share with us.