Hair loss is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy. In most cases, due to the hair’s root cells sensitivity to chemo, the patient experiences partial or total hair loss. Apart from the physical appearance – and particularly in women – hair loss can generate some harsh emotional feelings in the wake of the drastic change.

At the initiative of Shaare Zedek’s Oncology Institute team, we imported a special, one-of-a- kind machine for cooling the scalp, which is slated to prevent – or at least reduce – hair loss in women chemo patients. The new Paxman Company machine was imported from England, where it has been in use for a number of years with promising results – a reduction of more than 50% in hair loss levels.
The machine works by cooling the scalp using a special helmet while infusing a drug, and for an hour or two after the infusion. There are almost no side effects apart from a cold feeling on the scalp and sometimes a mild headache. The machine can be adapted to every woman undergoing chemo with Doxorubicin, Paclitaxel and Docetaxel.