A multi-disciplinary team staffs Shaare Zedek’s Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Clinic – specialist eye doctors, optometrists and orthoptists. Among the common problems treated:

  • Visual development problems

  • Rapid eye movement (REM), nystagmus

  • Optic nerve defects

  • Cataracts

  • Strabismus (cross-eye) in children and adults

The clinic employs a number of new surgical techniques, including adjustable sutures, tenotomies (moving tendons, muscles, sometimes under local anesthetic), and cataract operations.
Comprehensive Examinations
At the first consultation in the clinic, each patient undergoes comprehensive testing. This includes:

  • Clarifying the child’s developmental and medical background – medical history, eye diseases in the family, etc. In cases of strabismus, we ask you to bring past photos of the child.

  • Visual sharpness tests – relative to age, development and the child’s ability to cooperate.

  • Orthoptic tests – including eye movement testing, strabismus testing involving nine directions of near and far sight, and measuring focal vision. We also conduct a Prism Adaptation Test (PAT), critical for evaluating the strabismus level.

  • Sprinkling drops for pupil expansion – usually two drops in each eye, twice, at five-minute intervals. After applying the drops, we wait about half an hour for the pupils to fully expand. The drops do burn a little but only for a few seconds. Sometimes older children complain of near-sighted blurriness after receiving the drops. This blurriness may continue for up to about six hours and even 24 hours in children with lighter-colored eyes.

  • Optometry tests – children’s optometry tests are very different from adult tests. Determining the eye’s strength (the number) is done objectively, without needing the child’s cooperation. A specialist pediatric optometrist conducts the tests using a retinoscope and test lenses after administering expansion drops. The optometrist also checks the child’s existing or previous glasses. Remember to bring the child’s glasses with you to the clinic!