Diabetic Foot is an infection, ulcer or deep tissue ruination in a diabetes patient’s lower limbs. It is a common problem severely impacting the patient’s quality of life and causing difficulties in treatment. These wounds can affect functioning and lead to disabilities, serious illness, amputation, and – in extreme cases – even death.

Treatment for diabetic foot involves treating infections, debridement (removing damaged tissue), and surgery, alongside guidance and training how to prevent further infection and complications. This treatment demands teamwork and a multi-disciplinary approach. That is why the clinic staff work closely with the Plastic Surgery Department, the Vascular Surgery Department and the Endocrinology and Metabolism Unit. We also have a devoted nursing staff specializing in treating these kinds of wounds, a social worker, clinical dietician and physiotherapist.

Diabetes is a common chronic disease that takes a huge toll on the health system. In Israel, like the rest of the world, diabetes is constantly on the rise. In 2011, it was the fourth most common cause of death in Israel, and 5.4% of all deaths (2,196) were attributed to the disease. 10% of the population are diabetic and approximately 30% of them will develop Diabetes Foot at some stage of their lives. The estimate is that 50% of lower limb amputation is connected to diabetes.